Why to AVOID pipe and drape photo booths!

Say NO to Pipe and Drape, "Photo Booths!"

What is a pipe and drape photo booth?

This is a new term for a, "Photo Booth," that is simply made out of pvc pipe or metal piping surrounded by some kind of drapery, whether it be velour or otherwise. The whole concept of what a photo booth really is completely lost in this type of set-up and the photos come out as though your guests are posed in front of a photographer.

These companies use a store bought digital camera connected to a home use printer that is often placed outside the set-up on a table.

Most importantly, because of the low quality printing equipment that is used, the pictures taken in these booths WILL FADE. I know I'd be incredibly disappointed if I paid money for pictures that weren't going to last. During our research we even saw one company who uses a printer that available at Target for $150.00.

Kiosk pipe and drape alternative

Another class of pipe and drape photo booths is the kiosk pipe and drape. This still is not a photo booth, it is a photo kiosk with drapes around it.

These are generally the same as a regular pipe and drape, but instead of a camera and printer it is a kiosk with pipe and drape around it. Although it is a ditigal printing process, it is by no means a photo booth. It remains a kiosk with some drapes around it.

Archival Ink as an argument against fading pictures

Also, beware of companies who tell you they use archival ink as an argument against fading pictures. Archival ink loses it's ability to resist fading once it's printed on glossy paper. 

How our Photo Booth services differ

OUR digital machine is not made of pipes and drapery, but rather, is a legitimate photo booth with a solid exterior, that uses a commercial use camera and a top of the line dye-sublimation printer to produce 2 photo strips of 4 pictures per session on high quality photo paper. By legitimate, I mean that you get in, close the curtain, take your photos, exit the booth and wait for the machine to process your pictures- there is no person involved with when and how your pictures come out- you and your guests are in control, and our friendly attendant is there to help if needed.

  • We are prepared, we call each venue and figure out how we can get into the venue and how we can exit the venue.
  • We do not have any hidden fees, our contract is short and fully states our responsibilies in providing you excellent service as well as yours as our client. Some companies charage additional fees for duplicate photos, if photos go over a certain number, how soon you make the reservation, and more.
  • We let our clients come into our office and see our photo booths and in some cases even choose the color booth they want for their event.
  • We are honest about our services and while certain rentals may be more expensive than these pipe and drape replicas, we provide REAL photo booths- not makeshift photo booths or draped kiosks.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS . . . D o  Y o u r   R e s e a r c h

  • Ask for pictures of the photo booth you will be getting on your event.
  • Visit the company's office to see the photo booth.
  • Ask for details on how the photos print, including what type of paper and ink it uses.
  • Ask for previous client reviews and testimonials.
  • Ask about any potential additional charges.
  • Check the contract before you commit to a company, you never know what your getting yourself into.
  • Ask about spare parts where applicable [Some companies send their photo booths out without spare parts! What happens if something goes wrong? Make sure you know!)
  • Ask about the attendant that will be sent. We've heard horror stories about attendants at events with little to no experience who do not know how to manage the photo booth at special events. Make sure the attendant is over the age of 18- you'll want a person there whos livlihood depends on the success of the photo booth...not a teenager who is likely to be unfocused and text messaging during your special day. Make sure you're specific about what you want the attendant to do and not to do. A friend of mine told me about the photo booth attendant at his sisters wedding, who was drinking the entire time, and was difficult to deal with due to how inhebriated she was. In our opinion, no attendant, or vendor for that matter, should be drinking while on the job!

Email us! We will answer any questions you have to help you make the right choice for your event!