Unique Services

First and foremost, we're one of the last remaining companies in the Country that still work with Old fashioned classic photo booths - I mean seriously, there are only about 5 or 6 companies left across the nation!  This type of booth utilizes a liquid chemical to develop photos.  This photo is unique, because it won't fade for many years to come compared to digital technology.  This photo booth develops a strip of 4 pictures per photo shoot. The NEWEST of these machines are at least 20 years old...Imagine having a vehicle from 1990.  If it's been taken care of properly, it's had many of the original parts replaced or at the very least, repaired by a trained specialist.  The same goes for these photo booths.  It takes mechanical knowledge, expertise, and patience to work with non-digital photo booth technology, all of which we have, and are PROUD of!  If you are looking for something different and unique for your event, the classic photo booth is the way to go!  

Our digital booths are not to be forgotten either!  We have gone above and beyond to make sure our digital photo booths are equipped with the latest and greatest software along with top of the line digital photo and printing equipment! 

Our booths are real solid exterior machines (no PVC pipe and drapery here!) that take crisp, clean, beautiful, fade-resistant photos because we use high quality sublimation printers! See for yourself our photo booths are priced at the best value!

Classic Photo Booth
Angus T. Junes using one of our custom wrapped classic photo booths.

Our classic photo booths give a unique touch to your event. Going for an old time feel or looking to reminisce about the good ol' days? A classic photo booth is the perfect answer! These antique booths are not only different but they also provide exceptional photo strips, to see more Click Here!

Digital Photo Booth
Fuze wrapped classic photo booth at Life is Good Festival.

Our digital photo booths are a modern version of our classic booths.  They provide a quicker process and great digital photo strips.  The digital photo booth offers a classic exterior feel, as well as the advantage of duplicate photos.  To see more Click Here!

  • Green Screen Photography

    Take fun photos of yourself in a photo shoot behind a green screen and then transfer those photos onto a background.

    You could be flying like the photo above or in your favorite movie! The possibilities are endless.

    We can get custom graphics with your personal logo on them as well!

  • Henna & Airbrush Tattoos

    Both of these options supply pain free tattoo fun for groups of all ages. Let your guests choose from hundreds of designs!

    Our skilled henna and airbrush artists ensure great designs that will please all!

  • Crystal Photo Favors

    Give all of your guests a special favor they can bring home with them.
    Your guests will take their photos with their loved ones and we will insert the photo into a beautiful crystal for your guests to take home with them for a memory of that night to last forever.

  • Arcade Games, Casino Tables & Video Games

    Bring the Arcade to your event! This will amaze your guests and provide you and your guests with hours of fun.
    For casino rentals - we provide everything you need, including the dealers.