September 2011 Events Blog


“New York, NY (February 2011) ─ As the official garment care provider for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Rowenta will debut the limited edition Focus iron that flaunts a sleek, all-black design and chic silhouette.”

Rowenta began sponsoring Mercedes Benz Fashion week this past February and continued to support fashion week as the official garment care provide in September. This time around Rowenta decided to be creative with their marketing and have a branded photo booth inside the lobby in building hosting Mercedez Benz Fashion Week.

Each business day Rowenta raffled off one iron, worth over a hundred dollars! The photo booth attendants collected raffle submissions with contact information and later chose the winners. On top of the photo booth, one of the days held a giveaway of shirts or bags. Attendees used the irons to transfer images onto these shirts and/or bags and could take them home at the end of the demonstration. This was great because people actually used the irons and witnessed how amazing they were. And the consumers of course used the photo booth with their new merchandize after!


Animal fair held a special event for their consumers where they rented a photo booth and had people come in and take pictures with their pets! I bet the pictures came out adorable! Check our their website and like them on Facebook and twitter!

Everyone who could enter the lobby could take pictures, this included: Buyers, Designers, Models and more – there were thousands of photos taken over one week. These photos were also going on Rowenta’s Facebook and the photo takers were encouraged to go on Facebook, like Rowenta and tag themselves in the photo.

MARGATE CITY FESTIVAL – Margate City, New Jersey (Digital Photo Booth)

Margate City had their annual festival and this year it included two digital photo booths. Margate City borders Casino filled Atlantic City, New Jersey and offers it’s residents and nearby residents an array of amusement activities and sets up booths for vendors to sell their products to consumers. Especially interesting, there was doggie gourmet product vendors and Henna and Airbrush tattoo Stands. Also, Some local bands came and performed.

The photo booths were open to the general public and admission into the festival was free. The public had to pay three dollars to take pictures in the photo booth.  Everyone had fun even though it did rain all weekend and the town of Margate City and surrounded neighbors had a blast with the photo booths.

VALENTINO - MISSONI  (Digital Photo Booth)


Valentino used the branded digital photo booth for their brand, MISSONI. They wrapped the photo booth in a fabulous, highly fashionable argyle design. The photo booth fit right into their Fall 2011 fashion line.

For the first event Missoni had the photo booth in NYC for Fashion Night Out. While people shopped they were able to take pictures in the photo booth. The pictures retained the Missoni Logo on the fouth picture for brand remembrance.

Missoni brought back the photo booth one more time for their exclusive fashion show at SAKS Fifth Avenue on 5th Ave in New York City. Their best clients came in to see their new fall line, champagne and other beverages, and small plates. There were two make up artists glamorizing the attendees. After the makeup, attendees jumped in the photo booth and took photos with their friends and families. Even people who opted not to get a makeover used the photo booth.

After the event, Missoni and Valentino received the photos taken in the photo booth to use in their social media and website campaigns. This is great exposure and they could even have asked their customers to tag themselves on FB and like the Valentino and Missoni Brands.

SAGA FURS (Digital Photo Booth) 


The first international Fur Auction rented a digital photo booth for their buyers meeting in New York City. They rented a top floor of a restaurant/café and set them up with manicans, tables, and hanging racks of all sorts of beautiful and soft furs.

Buyers and Fashion Designers came into the auction to get ideas for their own lines of what material they could get for their own fashion pieces. Also, some students from New York Cities elite fashion school came for education on these furs, how they are processed and the best way to incorporate them into design.

The photo booth came BRANDED in a special step and repeat design that Saga Furs sent Classic Photo Booth. We printed the design and wrapped the photo booth to the client’s liking. Saga Furs also had a logo on their photo booth photo which matched their wrapping. It was a beautiful photo booth!

These same buyers had a photo booth to take photos with individually or with their partners and/or the staff of Saga Furs! Also there were fun props such as hats and fur gloves that people could take inside the photo booth.

After people took the pictures, there were two copies of photos that came out of the photo booth. One copy went to the person taking the photo and the second copy was used to make a fun collage on a wall that the company brought. At the end, the photo booth photos look great on the wall and Saga Furs had lots of photos to use for their social media, advertising, or other needs.