Photo Booth Film & Parts for Sale

We have photo booth film and parts for sale!  If your looking to buy a photo booth or photo booth parts, we have everything you need!  We can help you update your current photo booth with our high quality epuiptment.  All of our products for sale will help to optomize your photo booth, producing better picture quality!  Have questions and need them answered?  Our profesionals are more than happy to help, just email us at!

NEW Available Items:

  • AP-10
  • AP-10 Strobe Unit Regulator Boards
  • Stepper Boards
  • Auto Photo Parts
  • Black & White Vintage Photo Booth Film
  • AP-10 Unit

    AP-10 is not a replacement for photo booths with a silver strobe with 4 pin bottom flash tubes unless you are upgrading along with capacitor packs and eight pin bottom flash tubes. This was an upgrade from the early silver strobe units because with the AP-10 you can easily adjust the voltage to the capacitor packs giving you greater control over the quality of the picture.

  • AP-10 Regulator Board & AP-10 Stepper Board

    These stepper and regulator boards are used for AP-10 Strobe Assembly that can be used in the later versions of the classic photo booth with the eight pin bottom flash tubes.

  • Black & White Vintage Photo Booth Film

    We are now selling black and white classic photo booth film for just $250/roll of 1100 strips. We have several different lot numbers/emulsions available and will work with you to find the best film for your needs! Contact us today!